Version 25 Sept. 2023


25 > 29 September 2023 | Toulouse, France


The RADiation and its Effects on Components and Systems Conference (RADECS) is the annual European scientific and industrial forum on radiation and its effects on electronics and photonic materials, devices, circuits, sensors and systems. Every year, it attracts hundreds of scientists and engineers from all over the world who exchange on the latest advances and results about:

  • Basic Mechanisms of Radiation Effects, including Total Non-Ionizing Dose (TNID) and effects on materials
  • Radiation Effects on Devices and Integrated Circuits:
    • Total Ionizing Dose (TID)
    • Total Non-Ionizing Dose (TNID)
    • Synergistic Effects
    • Single Event Effects (SEE)
  • Radiation Environments
  • Radiation Test Facilities & Dosimetry
  • Radiation Hardening Techniques (Device, board and system level)
  • Radiation Hardness Assurance
  • Radiation Effects on Photonics, Optoelectronics and Sensors
  • A special session will be dedicated to complex devices and systems

The 2023 edition will take place in Toulouse, the “Pink City”, European capital of aeronautic & space industries. It is organized by CNES, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, the french Space Agency on behalf of the RADECS Association and is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE-NPSS.

In addition to the usual RADECS topics, the short-course of the 2023 conference will specifically address challenging topics which all radiation effects domains need to face nowadays, such as Ultra Deep Sub Micron technology or 3D assembly, the associated test challenges as well as the evolution of the RHA methodologies during the past years.

Without forgetting a wonderful social program including technical visits, tours and social events which will allow the attendees and companions to enjoy Toulouse and surroundings.

On behalf of our committee, we invite you to join us for an outstanding RADECS 2023 conference and we look forward to meeting you in Toulouse next September !

The General Chairs