In addition to the papers selected from initial call, the RADECS2023 Conference is soliciting Late News describing significant and recent new findings or developments in the following areas:

  • Basic Mechanisms of Radiation Effects
  • Radiation Effects on Devices and Integrated Circuits:
    – Total Ionizing Dose (TID),
    – Total Non-Ionizing Dose (TNID)
    – Synergistic Effects
    – Single Event Effects (SEE)
  • Radiation Environments
  • Radiation Test Facilities & Dosimetry
  • Radiation Hardening Techniques (Device, board and system level)
  • Radiation Hardness Assurance
  • Radiation Effects on Photonics, Optoelectronics and Sensors
  • Radiation Effects on complex devices and systems



Prepare a single PDF file of an informative two to four pages summary describing results appropriate for 12-minute oral or a poster presentation. The summary must include a 35-words abstract and sufficient detail about the work to permit a meaningful technical review. The summary must be no less than two and no more than four pages in length, including figures, tables and references.


Prepare your summary using the two-column format of the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science template.

>> Template (.docx)


Obtain all corporate, sponsor, and government approvals and releases necessary for presenting your paper at an open attendance international meeting.


Summary submission is electronic only through the RADOCS online tool, before June 30th, 2023,
Midnight Pacific time
 (US west coast time).

Call for Late News deadline: June 30th, 2023

Late News will be presented in poster format only. Authors are prompted to state their preference for session (including Data Workshop). The final session will be determined by the Technical Program Committee, which is responsible for selecting final papers from late news submissions.

Accepted Late News will be published in the RADECS2023 Conference Proceedings and will be eligible for publication in a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. Selection for this issue will be based on a separate submission of a complete paper that will be subject to the standard full peer review.

Late News can also be submitted for the Radiation Effects Data Workshop which is a forum for papers on radiation effects data on electronic devices and systems. Workshop papers are intended to provide radiation response data to scientists and engineers who use electronic devices in a radiation environment, and for designers of radiation-hardened systems. Papers describing new simulation techniques and results, or radiation test facilities are also welcomed. The procedure for submitting a Late News summary to the Workshop is identical to the procedure for submitting RADECS Late News summaries. Radiation Effects Data Workshop Late Newss will be published in the RADECS2023 Conference Proceedings but are not candidates for publication in a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science.